Mike Gillis, Owner & CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Mike PicMike, aka Gillie, began building “stuff” at 5 years of age. As he grew, so did his perceptions on how to make things bigger and better.  When his high school welding teacher made him an apprentice half way through his semester, he knew he had a knack for creating things with metal.  It wasn’t until he moved to Phoenix, Arizona did he get to re-explore his fascination with metallurgy.

Originally a native of Ontario, Canada (eh?), Mike is an avid hockey player and even when time seems to get away from him, still makes it a point to get out on the ice as well as spend time with his wife Natalie and their 4-legged children, Nestle and Lizzy.  Mike made the transition from working at Daimler Chrysler to working at The Thing Shop when he moved to the Valley.  It was here that he invented, re-designed and fabricated various items for the VW Things and his enthusiasm for metal works was revived.  Entering the world of CrossFit and discovering the lack and availability of unique and innovative equipment, Mike was able to find his niche, merge his two passions and opened up TRU-Strength Fabrications, a leading supplier, designer and fabricator of CrossFit equipment.

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